Teen Trouble on Lifetime Network

Greetings everyone and thank you for tuning in. I would like to discuss today about a show that is on Lifetime Television called Teen Trouble with Josh Shipp. The show airs Friday nights which started November 2, 2012. It is on at 10p.m. central time.

Josh takes on some very difficult cases. The first episode was about a girl that was highly, highly addicted to Heroin. He was able to identify the root of the problem with her and as well the with the family setting. She was able to accept the help Josh’s team extended to her. She is now in a recovery center for a year getting the help she needs and skills to then go back into the world a sober person.

This is show is a great tool for families because it can open the lines of communication that sometimes for parents it is hard to talk about drugs or other difficult subjects.

I hold this show close to heart not just because I know what these teens are going thru but because Josh asked to come and talk with a girl named Ashley (thats all I can say at this time about her) but I know first hand how he handles the teens and its incredible. As a motivational speaker against drugs I want to help everyone I can and I really want Ashley to succeed in life since she has been given this wonderful gift of renewal from Teen Help!

So pop the popcorn and get ready to learn about drug addiction and the family setting. And then allowing the subject to not be so ta-bu or difficult. ALWAYS KEEP THE LINES OF COMMUNICATION OPEN WITH FAMILY MEMBERS AND KEEP YOURSELVES EDUCATED ON DIFFICULT ISSUES SUCH AS DRUGS, BULLYING, ALCOHOLISM AND NUMEROUS OTHERS! A great thing about the Internet you can kind find information you need at reputable sites easily! So take advantage.

I would love to hear your feed back after you have watched a show or just in general.

Thank you,

Tiffany Eis


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