Coming Soon: An Article on Why Teens & Adults Should NOT Use Drugs

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Drugs are an epidemic today. When I started using drugs I never dreamt it would drag me down to the bottom of life. I would almost die, have both legs amputated, a heart valve replacement, 2 strokes, and 8 teeth removed all for my 30th birthday. Well guess what, it happened. So, I come from a place where I know what  teens and adults are going through or have been through. ITS THE TOUGHEST PLACE IN THE WORLD TO REMOVE YOURSELF FROM. I wish there was a magic button to push to say, “I want to stop using drugs today!” It’s not that easy. The lessons that I have learned  is why I would like to share information about what teens and adults are facing with drugs and alcohol.

Next week:  Reasons NOT to use Drugs for teens and youth!

Each week there will be a new topic covered so stay tune……..

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Tiffany is a Drug Prevention Motivational Speaker. She speaks on Drug Prevention due to her own fight against drugs. She nearly died on her 30th birthday as well as having two strokes, an aortic heart valve replacement, and both legs amputated. Now she makes it mission to show & tell others what can happen, even if they think they might be Superman or Super Women. DRUGS DON'T DISCRIMINATE.
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4 Responses to Coming Soon: An Article on Why Teens & Adults Should NOT Use Drugs

  1. Yοu could сeгtаinly ѕee уour еnthusiasm within the ωork yοu wгitе.

    Thе world hοpeѕ fοr еven more раssіonate writeгs ѕuch aѕ
    you who aгen’t afraid to mention how they believe. At all times follow your heart.

    • admin says:

      Thank you. I am very passionate about drug prevention and making positive choices. I usually try to say what I am thinking but sometimes feel I have to burb it a bit. Thanks for the nice statement! -Tiffany

  2. chanel j12 says:

    Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write on my blog something like that. Can I take a fragment of your post to my blog?
    chanel j12

  3. admin says:

    Thank you for the nice statement. Do you have a blog if so, I would like to check it out!

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