What Everybody Should Know about Drugs and Making Good Decisions

Making good and bad decisions are part of everyday life. However, choosing to try drugs for the first time can be a deadly choice. Make the right decision starts even with wearing the right pairs of shoes. Because who wants a blister on their feet tomorrow? This principle can be applied to drugs. Choosing to do drugs today can leave you either dead or hooked on drugs. It may seem fun at first but addiction is something that starts from that first sniff, smoke, huff or injection. I can say for me it was adventure it was fun at first but in the end it was a chore like cleaning the house. Then it was all my mind was preoccupied with not only my mind but also my body craved that feeling and my body couldn’t function without or so I thought. So what could I have done with ALL of those hours I wasted using drugs? What could have I done with all the money I spent getting high? Bottom line what are the reasons not to use drugs that I should have been more aware of?

Of course I knew the drugs I was using were ILLEGAL but what about prescription drugs…they are ILLEGAL too, if YOU DON’T HAVE A PERSCRIPTION FROM A DOCTOR THAT SHOULD BE HELPING YOUR HEALTH. Abusing drugs is illegal in ALL 50 states and the District of Columbia. Getting in trouble while using drugs illegally have many repercussions but your first stop is a ride in the police car, then jail, lawyers and don’t forget their legal fees that can be astronomical and other law enforcement authorities.

Then what about the HEALTH PROBLEMS that drugs can cause. I know from first hand experience what health problems drugs can cause.  My drug abuse cost me almost losing my life literally, losing both of my legs, having an aortic heart valve replacement, two strokes, and having eight teeth removed. Drugs and alcohol are lethal to the body. It can inhibit liver function, lead to kidney failure, respiration/breathing issues, rapid heart rate, decayed or losing teeth.

What about the future? What can the future hold without drugs involved? Anything when you set your mind to it. But choosing to use drugs can lead to a very uncertain future. First and foremost, getting a job. Today, possible new employers require a drug test. If you think you can just get a job at Blockbuster because you might think that’s a slacker job think again? Then once you get a job you can be tested at anytime without warning. Some colleges requires drug test as well. Today, there are many so called drug cleansers on the market on the bottle they say 99% effective. Don’t waste your money. Just DON’T DO DRUGS! Those tests only add vitamins to your urine sample and try to mask the drugs. However, more and more employers use hair drug tests. Which are accurate!  Keeping a job is more difficult if you are using drugs because your concentration isn’t there like it should be. Motivation to go to work is dulled. Alertness on the job or anytime for that matter is skewed. Coordination and other vocations are impacted due to drugs. If you are fired from a job because of being tested or caught using drugs the ability to find another job is slim. Another employer will not want to hire you. Why should they waste their time on a DRUGGIE?

Time and Money? Who had it and where did it go?  Addicts will spend hours looking for drugs. And hours doing drugs. Many users will spend all the money they have just to get high. Most will steal, lie or sell drugs just to get more.

Drugs will change a person…almost enough said. However, their behavior may change from happy go lucky to very rude or as though they do not have time for their best friend anymore.  This can change relationships with other teens, adults and people in power such as teachers, parents and or law enforcement.

So these are just a few things that can happen when using drugs besides addiction, which is inevitable.

The idea of making your own choices sounds like the world is at your feet….and it is. But that one wrong choice can land a person in trouble and more than they could ever imagine. Choosing to do the right thing can be hard at times for everybody, but choosing to do the right thing will be an easier way of life in the end.

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Tiffany is a Drug Prevention Motivational Speaker. She speaks on Drug Prevention due to her own fight against drugs. She nearly died on her 30th birthday as well as having two strokes, an aortic heart valve replacement, and both legs amputated. Now she makes it mission to show & tell others what can happen, even if they think they might be Superman or Super Women. DRUGS DON'T DISCRIMINATE.
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