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Tiffany is a Drug Prevention Motivational Speaker. She speaks on Drug Prevention due to her own fight against drugs. She nearly died on her 30th birthday as well as having two strokes, an aortic heart valve replacement, and both legs amputated. Now she makes it mission to show & tell others what can happen, even if they think they might be Superman or Super Women. DRUGS DON'T DISCRIMINATE.

How You Can be Educated at a Soup Kitchen in the Bronx, New York!

    Recently, I was educated while helping at a soup kitchen in the Bronx, New York. I thought I had seen a good majority of the world but I WAS WRONG!  I am blessed to have my life back … Continue reading

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All you Need is Love….

“It’s all about Love It’s all about Compassion It’s about Kindness and Faith It has nothing to do with Luck You get what you Give So Give Good”   -Unknown   Being a motivational speaker against drugs is “all about Love”. … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Greetings Everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR! This year I will be adding more information on: Drug prevention  What it’s like to be Disabled. I would enjoy everyone’s thoughts and feedback. If anyone has any questions on drug prevention please let … Continue reading

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Update on Lifetime Airing Date

The show Teen Trouble with Josh Shipp I talked about in the last blog will officially start airing back on December 28, 2012. So please, please don’t give up on the show! I think due to holidays it will re-air then. … Continue reading

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Teen Help on Lifetime Television

Greetings everyone and thank you for tuning in. I would like to discuss today about a show that is on Lifetime Television called Teen Help with Josh Shipp. The show airs Friday nights which started November 2, 2012. It is … Continue reading

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Honoring Red Ribbon Week is for Adults and Not Just Students

When we think of Red Ribbon Week we think of the red ribbons the students bring home from school regarding drug prevention. But as adults why do we celebrate Red Ribbon Week. Who is Enrique “Kiki” Camarena? How did Red … Continue reading

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What Everybody Should Know about Drugs and Making Good Decisions

Making good and bad decisions are part of everyday life. However, choosing to try drugs for the first time can be a deadly choice. Make the right decision starts even with wearing the right pairs of shoes. Because who wants … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: An Article on Why Teens & Adults Should NOT Use Drugs

Greetings Everyone~ Drugs are an epidemic today. When I started using drugs I never dreamt it would drag me down to the bottom of life. I would almost die, have both legs amputated, a heart valve replacement, 2 strokes, and 8 … Continue reading

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