How You Can be Educated at a Soup Kitchen in the Bronx, New York!



Recently, I was educated while helping at a soup kitchen in the Bronx, New York. I thought I had seen a good majority of the world but I WAS WRONG!  I am blessed to have my life back together and trying to help others in their drug addiction.

If you ever think that you are having a bad day or think you are having a hard time go to your nearest big city and donate your time and see how rock bottom can really be for others! I was shocked to see prostitutes, drug/alcoholics addicts and others mixing together at the community building. I was with a group of teenage girls who were wondering why these people were here. I almost found it hard to explain to them why as well. The girls I was with thought they knew about the world and thought they could “handle” it at the ages of 14-18. After helping them understand that the world can be a hard place they quickly changed their attitudes. I told the girls that they not only eat there they may also sleep there at night IF there is room and if not, they sleep on the streets, literally. I told them this could happen to them or anybody for that matter.

I was working with one girl and I couldn’t get through to her that this could happen to her if she didn’t change her ways (sex, drugs, skipping school, beating up her little sisters (she is 14)). Before we left she came up to me and said, “How can I donate these shoes, they don’t really fit right?” I said give me a minute and I will find a staff member that can help you with that! SURPRISE SURPRISE I think she really was thinking she just didn’t want to show it to the rest of us!

By the time we left I was, am, thankful for what I have in this world even though I may be an bilateral amputee, have had a heart valve replacement and two strokes I am grateful for my family and friends. They are always there for me and for this I will be forever grateful.

Next time you see a homeless person on the streets asking for “Spare Change” don’t judge the book by its cover. You don’t know where they are coming from or why they may need that extra change. They may be saving their money to get into a vocational educational program for a job to get themselves back together in our society or food, which could be their ONLY meal that day. They don’t want to be there it’s just that life threw them a curve ball and they are trying to now hit one out of the park with a better life.

So please DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER, IT’S NOT ALWAYS WHAT IT SEEMS! If you are thinking about helping your community look into your nearest homeless shelter or a cause that you would like to help.

On a side note, while we were serving dinners the soup kitchen had a band DONATING their time to liven up the day because it just happened to be Valentine’s Day! The band was REALLY good and they had a full brass section. It seemed like there was about 10 people in the stage area. Again, I was amazed and what people will do to help others in ANY form! Rock on!

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All you Need is Love….

“It’s all about Love

It’s all about Compassion

It’s about Kindness and Faith

It has nothing to do with Luck

You get what you Give

So Give Good”   -Unknown


Being a motivational speaker against drugs is “all about Love”. I want my audience to succeed and that takes Love, patience and understanding. When a person comes up to me and tells me they have an issue with drugs I want to be there for them and that is my Love. I am there for them as I hear their struggles and I lead them to the proper channels such as a counselor or rehab facility. Sometimes, they just want someone to listen.


“It’s all about Compassion” Compassion is someone that will listen and not judge them as they open up and tell you their struggles. When someone is trying to get off of drugs you need to have Compassion and let him or her know that they are not alone and there is hope that they can be drug free.


“It’s all about Kindness and Faith” My kindness is what I express to this individual. Like your mother always said, “ A little bit of kindness goes a long way.” Which is so true in the world of drug prevention. Show them you are there.  I will have multiple people email me after a speech to say that they have an issue or how do I help a friend. Since, I do not have a degree in counseling I listen and give them a kind word or inspirational thought to think about. Also, I give them people they can contact such as SAMHA’s (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association).  SAMHA is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week by phone, email or information on the website. Then, you must have Faith that they will take what information you gave them and run with it to make positive changes in their lives.


“It has nothing to do with Luck” Plain and simple drug prevention and treatment is not Luck but is an action taken by the person that has a problem. They can be drug free with help by staying strong as they re-enter the world clean and sober with support from their family and friends. They may hear me speak which sparks something inside of them they didn’t know they had. Maybe it has nothing to do with Luck but we crossed paths for a reason so maybe just a little luck or higher power?


“You get what you Give so Give Good” I like this last line of the quote because a person that is reaching out for help and receives help must give themselves fully to their treatment. The addict gets what they put into it. Applying themselves to their treatment and implementing it into their lives they will give back and will “Give Good” not only to their rest of the world, but to their friends and family members as well.


Giving my story to others in the hopes that they will learn from my mistakes with drugs. I pour my love, compassion, kindness, and faith into my passion of drug prevention and “Give Good” back to my community.


Thank everyone for stopping by and next time we will (hopefully) have a new look:) Have a great day!


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Happy New Year!

Me, Christmas 2012

Greetings Everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

This year I will be adding more information on:

  • Drug prevention
  •  What it’s like to be Disabled.

I would enjoy everyone’s thoughts and feedback. If anyone has any questions on drug prevention please let me know and we can work through the crazy world of understanding drugs and drug prevention together. As well as, whats it’s like being disabled and having a disability.

So welcome to a new year! I look forward to what lies ahead! Thank you for joining me!



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Update on Lifetime Airing Date

The show Teen Trouble with Josh Shipp I talked about in the last blog will officially start airing back on December 28, 2012. So please, please don’t give up on the show! I think due to holidays it will re-air then. However, during the holiday season is when people that are having issues with drugs and or alcohol typically occur increase in consumption. So at least it will air close to New Year’s Eve.

What are your thoughts about “Consumption” during the holidays? I would love to hear from you.

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Teen Help on Lifetime Television

Greetings everyone and thank you for tuning in. I would like to discuss today about a show that is on Lifetime Television called Teen Help with Josh Shipp. The show airs Friday nights which started November 2, 2012. It is on at 10p.m. central time.

Josh takes on some very difficult cases. The first episode was about a girl that was highly, highly addicted to Heroin. He was able to identify the root of the problem with her and as well the with the family setting. She was able to accept the help Josh’s team extended to her. She is now in a recovery center for a year getting the help she needs and skills to then go back into the world a sober person.

This is show is a great tool for families because it can open the lines of communication that sometimes for parents it is hard to talk about drugs or other difficult subjects.

I hold this show close to heart not just because I know what these teens are going thru but because Josh asked to come and talk with a girl named Ashley (thats all I can say at this time about her) but I know first hand how he handles the teens and its incredible. As a motivational speaker against drugs I want to help everyone I can and I really want Ashley to succeed in life since she has been given this wonderful gift of renewal from Teen Help!

So pop the popcorn and get ready to learn about drug addiction and the family setting. And then allowing the subject to not be so ta-bu or difficult. ALWAYS KEEP THE LINES OF COMMUNICATION OPEN WITH FAMILY MEMBERS AND KEEP YOURSELVES EDUCATED ON DIFFICULT ISSUES SUCH AS DRUGS, BULLYING, ALCOHOLISM AND NUMEROUS OTHERS! A great thing about the Internet you can kind find information you need at reputable sites easily! So take advantage.

I would love to hear your feed back after you have watched a show or just in general.

Thank you,

Tiffany Eis

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Honoring Red Ribbon Week is for Adults and Not Just Students

When we think of Red Ribbon Week we think of the red ribbons the students bring home from school regarding drug prevention. But as adults why do we celebrate Red Ribbon Week. Who is Enrique “Kiki” Camarena? How did Red Ribbon Start? And where? How close to home do we have drug gangs? In 2012, the Red Ribbon Week is October 23- 31st, 2012 and the theme is “The Best ME is Drug Free”.
Drug Cartels and gangs are in our lives so quit turning a blind eye. It doesn’t matter where you live DRUGS ARE EVERYWHERE. Larry Parnham of the Sedalia Police Department is a leading expert on gangs and drug cartel issues in the United States. He states that out of 4 documented gangs in Sedalia, Missouri 2 of them are supplying large amounts of drugs to the Midwest. These gangs supply Meth, Cocaine, and Marijuana.
The best fight against drugs is prevention. Ways to do this everyday is to talk with your kids and be candid. Keep the lines of communication OPEN. Did you know that kids who learn about the dangers of drugs from their parents are 50% less likely to use drugs, alcohol and tobacco? If you feel uncomfortable about talking about drugs there are many different resources, but one to try is to inform not only yourself but your loved ones, too.
When 500 agents looked for him they found his body in a shallow grave on a ranch in Mexico. He was on the trail of a Mexican Drug cartel that discovered a multi-million dollar narcotics manufacturing operation in Chihuahua, Mexico. On February 7th, 1985 undercover Drug Enforcement Agent Enrigue “Kiki” Camarena had been kidnapped, tortured and brutally murdered by a drug gang in Mexico This brought to the American people what was really happening in the world of drugs for the first time.
The first local Red Ribbon Days was sponsored by the Norwalk/La Mirada Grassroots Alcohol and Drug Education Project (GRADE) and Norwalk Citizens Against illicit Drugs was on October 28-Nov.4, 1985 in the cities of Norwalk and La Mirada, California. In 1988, with the National Family Partnership and Nancy Reagan as Honorary Chairperson, Congress held the first 8-day Red Ribbon Week. In 1988, the U.S Senate Joint Resolution 329 became Public Law 100-455, stating that the last week of October be declared as National Red Ribbon Week in remembrance of the growing drug and trafficking problem by the drug cartels. This is one of the ways we can remember those who gave their lives in attempt to control our drug epidemic fueled by cartels and gangs. Thus, opening the eyes of the American people to the dangerous world of drugs. By wearing red ribbons and participate in community anti-drug events we pledge to live a drug free lifestyle and remember DEA Agent Camarena and those that put themselves at the front line of drugs.
In the spirit of this years theme, “The Best ME is Drug Free” let’s think outside the box of not only ourselves but others around us and help our community be a safe and a drug free environment.

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What Everybody Should Know about Drugs and Making Good Decisions

Making good and bad decisions are part of everyday life. However, choosing to try drugs for the first time can be a deadly choice. Make the right decision starts even with wearing the right pairs of shoes. Because who wants a blister on their feet tomorrow? This principle can be applied to drugs. Choosing to do drugs today can leave you either dead or hooked on drugs. It may seem fun at first but addiction is something that starts from that first sniff, smoke, huff or injection. I can say for me it was adventure it was fun at first but in the end it was a chore like cleaning the house. Then it was all my mind was preoccupied with not only my mind but also my body craved that feeling and my body couldn’t function without or so I thought. So what could I have done with ALL of those hours I wasted using drugs? What could have I done with all the money I spent getting high? Bottom line what are the reasons not to use drugs that I should have been more aware of?

Of course I knew the drugs I was using were ILLEGAL but what about prescription drugs…they are ILLEGAL too, if YOU DON’T HAVE A PERSCRIPTION FROM A DOCTOR THAT SHOULD BE HELPING YOUR HEALTH. Abusing drugs is illegal in ALL 50 states and the District of Columbia. Getting in trouble while using drugs illegally have many repercussions but your first stop is a ride in the police car, then jail, lawyers and don’t forget their legal fees that can be astronomical and other law enforcement authorities.

Then what about the HEALTH PROBLEMS that drugs can cause. I know from first hand experience what health problems drugs can cause.  My drug abuse cost me almost losing my life literally, losing both of my legs, having an aortic heart valve replacement, two strokes, and having eight teeth removed. Drugs and alcohol are lethal to the body. It can inhibit liver function, lead to kidney failure, respiration/breathing issues, rapid heart rate, decayed or losing teeth.

What about the future? What can the future hold without drugs involved? Anything when you set your mind to it. But choosing to use drugs can lead to a very uncertain future. First and foremost, getting a job. Today, possible new employers require a drug test. If you think you can just get a job at Blockbuster because you might think that’s a slacker job think again? Then once you get a job you can be tested at anytime without warning. Some colleges requires drug test as well. Today, there are many so called drug cleansers on the market on the bottle they say 99% effective. Don’t waste your money. Just DON’T DO DRUGS! Those tests only add vitamins to your urine sample and try to mask the drugs. However, more and more employers use hair drug tests. Which are accurate!  Keeping a job is more difficult if you are using drugs because your concentration isn’t there like it should be. Motivation to go to work is dulled. Alertness on the job or anytime for that matter is skewed. Coordination and other vocations are impacted due to drugs. If you are fired from a job because of being tested or caught using drugs the ability to find another job is slim. Another employer will not want to hire you. Why should they waste their time on a DRUGGIE?

Time and Money? Who had it and where did it go?  Addicts will spend hours looking for drugs. And hours doing drugs. Many users will spend all the money they have just to get high. Most will steal, lie or sell drugs just to get more.

Drugs will change a person…almost enough said. However, their behavior may change from happy go lucky to very rude or as though they do not have time for their best friend anymore.  This can change relationships with other teens, adults and people in power such as teachers, parents and or law enforcement.

So these are just a few things that can happen when using drugs besides addiction, which is inevitable.

The idea of making your own choices sounds like the world is at your feet….and it is. But that one wrong choice can land a person in trouble and more than they could ever imagine. Choosing to do the right thing can be hard at times for everybody, but choosing to do the right thing will be an easier way of life in the end.

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Coming Soon: An Article on Why Teens & Adults Should NOT Use Drugs

Greetings Everyone~

Drugs are an epidemic today. When I started using drugs I never dreamt it would drag me down to the bottom of life. I would almost die, have both legs amputated, a heart valve replacement, 2 strokes, and 8 teeth removed all for my 30th birthday. Well guess what, it happened. So, I come from a place where I know what  teens and adults are going through or have been through. ITS THE TOUGHEST PLACE IN THE WORLD TO REMOVE YOURSELF FROM. I wish there was a magic button to push to say, “I want to stop using drugs today!” It’s not that easy. The lessons that I have learned  is why I would like to share information about what teens and adults are facing with drugs and alcohol.

Next week:  Reasons NOT to use Drugs for teens and youth!

Each week there will be a new topic covered so stay tune……..

Thank you and have a great day!


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